How it Works



Next Power Inc. is dedicated to developing solutions to evenly distribute energy resources. It maintains the highest level of safety standards and professionalism in the industry through continuous innovation of products and being a leading authority on green energy by developing comprehensive business seminars and workshops to improve management quality in VPP & EV Charging. It has developed a Virtual Power Plant, which aggregates flexible capacity to address peaks in electricity demand and helps in  addressing distribution network bottlenecks without the same capital outlay. It has completed the design for development of  Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, due to the vast and growing demand for electric cars.

Virtual Power Plant

▪ The VPP works remotely to integrate several independent energy resources, such as wind farms, solar parks, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units, and flexible power consumers and storage systems.

▪ The interconnected units are dispatched through the Virtual Power Plant’s central control room network, which provides reliable power 24 hours a day.

 ▪ The plants employ software-based technology that relies on the smart grid and is utilized to relieve the load on the grid by distributing the individual units’ power during peak load periods.

▪ The combined power generation and power consumption of the networked units in the Virtual Power Plant are traded on the energy exchange.

▪ The control center acts as a huge database, collecting information on all the various renewable energy generators while also monitoring market prices, analyzing weather forecasts, and creating production forecasts.

▪ The center uses all of this data to operate each generator to maximize profits and keep energy prices low for energy consumers.

Electronic Vehicle Charging Stations

EV charging stations supply electric energy to recharge plug-in electric vehicles, including electric cars and plug-in hybrids.