“To maintain the highest safety standards and quality in Virtual Power Plant and Electric Vehicle charging.”

Who We Are...

Next Power Inc. is a green energy brand dedicated to the evolution and fair allocation of energy resources. Based in Ontario, the Company has developed a Virtual Power Plant (VPP), a cloud-based data control center that aggregates production data from various distributed energy resources, which is used in numerous applications, including the charging of EV’s (Electric Vehicles). 


  1. To have only green energy and sufficient EV charging points.
  2. To always have integrity and to make sure the customer is taken care of.
  3. To expand and hire a maintenance & sales force and customer service team to gain new business and maintain current business.


  • Home work
  • Innovation
  • Experience
  • Commitment


Why Next Power


Next Power Inc. is a green energy brand. The company believes in power generation through natural resources.  The Company’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP) receives power production data from different Solar Production Points and provides charging of EV’s (Electric Vehicles) depending upon utilization rate of the point for better time management.

Users’ Challenge

Despite the vast growth in electric car adoption, there is still a lack of charging places in optimal locations. 

The Solution

The Next Power Inc’s first product, a VPP, allows utilities to generate electricity using renewable energy sources and supply it to customers for Electronic Vehicle charging at different stations.